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At Alliance Auto our goal is to be the best in what we do, providing quality auto repairs, delivered with passion. Nothing less. We take care of our customers cars as much as we care for our own.

Our technicians have seen it all, name it. From small wrecks to potentially unfixable, we have always come on top and made it work. With 10+ years of automotive repair experience, we fix cars like we are born to do it. Mistakes happen... But when they do we fix them to make sure we deliver up to our standards. Our auto body shop has serviced over 2000 vehicles in the past 5 years and every single customer left our shop satisfied including you!

Our quality is backed up by years of experience in the field, we don't budge on materials and that's what makes us different from the competition. We use premium paints on all of our vehicles without exception and we won't let you go until you are satisfied.

This is not a drill! The reason we provide a lifetime warranty is that we live up to our standarts and are proud to deliver exceptional quality to our valued customers. If anything goes south after you leave our shop, you are covered.

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Alliance Repairs: How Alliance Auto takes care of your auto collision situation?

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Setting Up Your Claim

Setting Up Your Claim

Getting into an car accident can be stressful. At Alliance Auto we can help setting up insurance claims and give our customers a peace of mind. We work with all insurance companies in Canada.

Approve The Estimate

Approve The Estimate

Our experts will evalute the damages, prepare the estimate and get authorization from your insurance company to begin repairs. We will make sure that all the damaged parts are taken care of.



From ordering parts to final paint finish our staff thoroughly inspect the vehicle at every stage and makes sure your car is restored to it’s pre-collision condition.  The turnaround will depend on the damages, but we do our best to deliver as quickly as possible.

Vehicle Delivery

Vehicle Delivery

Want to get your vehicle delivered to your door? We got it covered. On top of that your car will be detailed for free and it will feel like a brand new vehicle.

Team Workers
15+ + Team Workers
Our Clients
2000+ + Our Clients
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No. You reserve full rights in choosing your body shop.
Yes! Our software generates a formula matching the factory colour of your car based on VIN. We use this formula to mix the exact amount of base colours and have a 100% match. At our auto body shop we use premium paint materials on all of our paint repairs.
We offer Lifetime Warranty on all of our repairs as long as you are the registered owner of the vehicle.
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