Choosing an Auto Body Shop in Canada…


When choosing a shop for auto body repair services it is important to do research and compare shops based on a few factors. Auto Repairs is a very competitive industry in Canada due to the number of cars and weather conditions and it could be quite challenging to find a quality auto body shop. On the bright side, Canada has one of the most advanced technologies and processes in place to get you back on the road as soon as possible whether it’s an insurance collision repair or not – as long as your car is in the right hands. Let’s go over a few important points when doing research. 

   1.Read the shop reviews on Google

In today’s day and age businesses come out to be very transparent to a customer by looking at their business profile on Google. A Google profile is one of the most reliable tools out there to determine the quality and workmanship of the shop. When looking at the business profile, pay attention to customer reviews with photos as they would be 100% authentic and show the quality of work along with the makes of the cars that the shop works with. If you see 5 star reviews with photos attached it is usually a solid proof of the shop’s work. If the makes of the cars are rather luxurious that is also a good indicator meaning that premium car owners have trust in the shop to perform bodywork on their car.

    2.  Explore the repair facilities online


A quality body shop must definitely have a spray booth for auto paint application. Auto paint involves many steps and can be challenging in terms of matching the factory colour and shade. To ensure a premium auto paint job there are 2 requirements: a qualified professional with extensive experience and the right environment for paint application. An industry standard spray booth is equipped with temperature control fans that maintain the temperature while spraying and an oven to make the paint dry quicker and avoid any room for mistakes. To verify a quality professional you could always go to the 1st point and rely on reviews but for the environment, you could explore the website and pictures to make sure they have an advanced booth for a quality automotive paintwork. 

   3. Verify that the shop is licensed to do auto body and paint work


While this seems like a no-brainer you definitely have to pay attention that the shop is licensed and certified as a business to perform certain work on your car. A mechanical shop license would be different from the auto body shop, and it is for your own protection to validate that the shop you have chosen has one. Body shop licensing ensures certain procedures that the business has to follow and most of those are protecting the customer from any legal issues one may experience during the repair process.

   4. Ask about warranty


A professional body shop would almost in all cases provide some sort of warranty on the work done. Even if it’s not related to any mechanical parts of the car a lot of things could go wrong after you leave the body shop and potentially be dangerous for you and for other participants of the road. A non-dangerous example would be anything paint related, for example, paint starting to crack, chip off or fade shortly after a paint job. A more serious example would be a bumper falling off while you are driving and causing even more damage. All these things should be covered and you shall be safe and protected.

   5. Materials & Equipment


Materials play a huge role in the repair process and could be quite expensive. A body shop could try to save money on paint, lacquer or body filler which will surely result in a poor-quality repair, the consequences of which won’t make you wait for a long time. You can take time to ask questions about the type of materials used and even equipment such as spray guns, sanding machines etc. 

   6. Verify the shop performs auto insurance repair

If you got into a collision, your car repairs are usually covered by your auto insurance company. Depending on the damage some parts could be either repaired or replaced. When you select a shop make sure they work with car insurance companies to repair your vehicle.

   7. Discuss the specific work that is required


Lastly, to avoid any misunderstandings, call or visit the shop to describe your damage and ask them about their expertise in fixing it. Ask about the processes and don’t be afraid to ask more. A transparent shop will always advise you on their operations and will answer all your questions. 

Choose Alliance Auto

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