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What makes us the best paint shop in Toronto? Auto body painting is a skill that can’t be learned overnight and it takes years to perfect. Our team at Alliance Auto consists of true auto fanatics and people who have been working in the industry for over 10 years. From a touch-up to a full body paint, our painters are trained by paint manufacturers and are able to match any factory color or texture, or non-factory colors and shades with the help of advanced technology. Our paint repair services include repair of all types of paint damages: scratches, chips, cracks, rust etc.  What truly differentiates us from our competitors, is the 360 quality control as the final step of the painting process. If mistakes ever happen, we go ahead and re-do the work until our expectations are met. Find out more about our paints and spray booth below.

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Innovative Spray Booth

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Color Match Technology

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Exception Quality On Every Paint Job

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Premium Water Based Paint

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Painters With Over 10 Years of Experience

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Lifetime Warranty

Quality Paint Materials and Equipment

A quality auto paint job can’t be achieved without using premium paint products. At our body shop, aside from having qualified experts we strictly use premium materials on all of our cars regardless of the make or model. From a body filler to the finishing lacquer, all of our materials are sourced from the top brands in the automotive industry. To achieve perfection in any paint repair, we invested more into purchasing quality equipment such as spray guns, sanding machines, advanced paint matching software, compressor systems etc. 

Auto Paint Matching Process

With premium paints and advanced software we are able to match any paint of any make and model. The factory colour code is pulled based on the VIN number of the vehicle and then our software generates the exact amount of base colours that need to be mixed to achieve the colour and shade. A lot of premium auto makes also include complex flakes and deeper tones which can also be successfully achieved in our body shop. We offer lifetime warranty on all of our paint work to make sure our customers have a piece of mind in the quality of our work. 

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Paint Spray Booth

Our spray booth is equipped with an oven that can fully bake paint in under one hour. The oven has 2 modes “spray” and “bake”. During the spraying mode, the booth warms up to 75F to ensure the paint particles cling together and evenly distribute across the body. After the coats are applied we move on to the baking process which takes exactly 45 minutes, followed by a 10-15 min cooling-off period. And it is done!

An innovative paint spray booth goes hand in hand with premium water-based paint from PPG which is the highest industry standard currently available on the market. The last step in the painting process is polishing and ensuring that a paint job is perfected. We deliver the best paint job every day!

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