Collision Repairs

Accidents can be stressful and finding the right auto body shop near you can be difficult. At Alliance Auto Collision Centre, we strive to give your vehicle the best treatment in the industry. From a cracked windshield to a complete door replacement and refinish we got it all covered. For each collision repair our trained technicians follow a step-by-step process to precisely assess damage and begin repairs on your vehicle. We utilize the latest technology and premium materials to restore your vehicle to its best shape and within a reasonable time limit.  If you got into an accident, we can help.  Find out more about our collision repair process.

Car in spray booth
Car in the body shop

Paint Works

Did you want to fix a few scratches or totally change the colour of your car? Here, at Alliance Auto we perfected every stage of the process to provide the best quality in the industry. Our professionally trained staff have more that 10 years of experience and are the true masters of the craft. We utilize the the latest technology and the best materials to make every paint job stunning. No dust, chips, discoloration is acceptable under our quality control. Not only we meet expectations of our clients, we exceed them every time and that’s what makes us the best paint shop in Toronto. Find out more about the painting process.

Collision repair process

Body Customization

You are a true auto fanatic — so are we! We love customizing cars and turning them into something special.  Need a new paint job? We have technical capabilities to mix and match any paint of any shade using premium water-based paints from PPG. Or maybe you thought about going even further and turning your car into an art piece? We work in partnership with some of the best creative artists in Canada that will make your dream project possible.  Check out some of the work of our artists.

alliance auto repairs
Car in paint shop, Portfolio