If it’s an emergency – immediately call 911.

 Auto collisions in Canada happen more often than one might think. A report for car accidents in Toronto shows a stunning average of 300 collisions per day and that’s without the rest of the GTA. Every year this number seems to be growing as there are more and more cars on the road. Knowing this information, if you got into an accident – do not panic. It is important to stay calm and know what your next steps are.

In this article we will be covering everything you need to do if you ever got into a car accident in Canada.


Step #1 Auto Body Damage Inspection


Car with shattered front

Your first step after the impact will depend on the scale of the damage. Obviously, if you are hurt or your car has serious damage you should call 911 right away. If you are not hurt – evaluate the damage. If its a small scratch or even a small fender bender you shouldn’t call 911 because it’s a non-emergency.  While evaluating the damage there are also certain steps that you may want to follow in order to secure your collision claim and protect yourself.

  1. When it’s small accident like a fender-bender, which often happens on a parking lot or a city street – you should take a picture of the damage. Then, ask the other driver involved in accident to share his driving information.  There is no need to call 911 since it’s not considered an emergency due to small damage.
  2. When the accident is not just a fender-bender and unfortunately you got involved in a heavier collision – immediately call 911 and explain to them what happened and if you need an emergency crew to be dispatched. In a few minutes multiple tow-trucks will come to an accident offering their services.

Take the information of all the other drivers involved in an accident (when safe): driver license information, license plate number, insurance information.

This step in particular can be overwhelming for a person that isn’t prepared and can lead to mistakes. We especially wanted to write this article to inform and educate on the process so that our readers can be prepared and stay calm.


Step #2 Collision Reporting Centre


whit form

In Canada all collisions have to be registered and reported in the Collision Reporting Centre. In case of a major accident – your car will be towed to the reporting centre by one of the tow trucks that arrive on scene. You can choose any tow truck you want and ask them to bring your car to a proffered auto body shop. At the reporting centre you will have to explain how the accident happened and your car will be evaluated by one of the staff members.

After finishing the procedure – you will receive the report number which is usually at the top of the spreadsheet. Keep it – you will need it later.


Step #3 Auto Insurance Claim


white form with car keys on top

After you have evaluated the damage and called 911 (if you had to – refer to step 1) call your insurance company and tell them what happened. While talking for the first time with your insurance company make sure to provide them as many details as possible along with your report number that you got at the reporting centre. An insurance company will ask for a body shop where you want your car to be fixed. Please remember – you have a right to choose a body shop, even though, the insurance company will provide you with alternatives.


Step #4 Auto Body Repairs


hands holding bumper

After collision reporting centre you have time to calm down and choose where you want to take your car.

In a case when its a small accident – your car will be drivable and you can go to any body shop, check how they work, their attitude and professionalism. Body shop shall provide you with an estimate for repairs and help you with handling your case.

In a case when the car is towed – right after the collision reporting centre car will be towed to either the shop where you want it to be towed, to the shop recommended by the tow truck driver, or to the yard of the tow truck company until the moment you decide where you want your car to be fixed.


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